Big Pocket Salvation Stripe






Excellent Condition

Seller Notes:

Maybe worn once? I can't remember if I've actually worn this one yet... I generally wash stuff before wearing, so it's been washed with dreft baby detergent and hang dried. Excellent condition. Also was hoping they'd do salvation stripe kids stuff and I haven't seen any kids items yet, so I can't do matching outfits with my kid. I never end up wearing this even though it's really cute.

This one's for the mini dress lovers out there! 🫶 A sweet little sleeveless mini swing dress with great big front patch pockets for all the flowers you pick along the way. Made in our stretch cotton poplin, this shorter length dress features a straight sleeveless bust that meets loosely at the waist with a roomy skirt for a flowy overall silhouette.

👩‍🎨 Featuring artwork by Jennifer D'Angelo (in-house Nooworks print)

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Elizabeth T

Sold by Elizabeth T