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Magic Suit Grumpy Cat






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I got this in the mystery sale but I already had one (which I got in the last mystery sale)! Don't need two!

This pantsuit really is magic. For those of you in pant suit denial you may want to break down and try this one. Made in stretch cotton jersey with pockets and a little elastic in the back it's the coziest way to look cool.

Made in stretch cotton jersey, featuring artwork by Naomi Anderson- Subryan 

Isabella wears the size small


Care instructions: We want all our garments to last without harming the environment so only wash garments when they really do need it. Then turn them inside out and hand wash in cold water to preserve the print color and hang dry. We prewash our jersey to avoid shrinkage on your end but everyone's water and soap varies so there could be a teensy bit more.


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Sold by Sara H